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The Talent ID Session offers a remarkable opportunity for aspiring footballers. Participants have the chance to showcase their skills and be considered for various prestigious events and experiences. The primary purposes of this session are manifold:

  1. Invitation to be considered for Showcase Tournament Teams:
    Participants will have the chance to exhibit their talents, potentially securing a spot in a showcase tournament team, likely providing exposure to higher levels of competition.


  2. Opportunity to be selected for Juventus Experience 2024:
    This represents a coveted chance to be part of an experience affiliated with Juventus, one of the most renowned football clubs globally. It likely involves specialized training, mentorship, or exposure to the club's environment.


  3. Opportunity to be selected for Juventus World Cup 2024:
    This aspect offers the prospect of being selected to represent a team in the Juventus World Cup, a prestigious tournament associated with the club, potentially on an international stage.


  4. Invitation to be selected for Trial in Italy with Chisola FC - Serie D:
    This presents an exclusive invitation for a trial with Chisola FC, a Serie D club in Italy. It's an extraordinary opportunity for players to showcase their skills in a professional setting and potentially secure a spot in the team.

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