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We strive to develop professional athletes and respected young men and women of the community. Here at Juventus Academy Orlando, we follow some very simple guidelines that make up the culture of our program.


  1. Commitment (always be present and communicate when missing, also with the GK Trainer)

  2. Coach’s decisions (do not complain, ask appropriate questions at appropriate times)

  3. Teammates’ diversity (any form of bullying will not be tolerated) 

  4. Leaders (group with positive and hardworking people)

  5. Opponents (face them with courage & respect, not arrogance) 

  6. Staff (greet & acknowledge everyone on staff) 

  7. Facility (clean trash, look after facilities and yourself)

  8. Equipment (bring appropriate gear for the specific activity)

  9. Uniform (wear the brand proudly, be impeccable) 

 10. Weather (bring extra clothes and gear with you)

 11. Life (profanity and anger will not be tolerated)

I acknowledge and agree to follow the Juventus Academy Orlando “11 Pillars of our culture”.
I understand that if I break one of these rules I will not be allowed to continue with the program.

Thank you! You are now part of our Culture ⚽️

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